Shitty Guy Theatre is a lo-fi comedy show that is performed on an overhead projector, mixing found imagery, live drawing, shadow play, and staged moments. 


Produced and performed with Jori Sackin, Charlie Mylie, Alex Savage, and a rotating cast of collaborators.   

Named Best of KC in 2016 by The Pitch Weekly. 

Going on tour Summer 2019 - stay tuned!


Shitty Guy in Space, 2018 - Stray Cat Film Center, KC

Tell Me About Your Mother, 2017 - Troost House, KC

Happy Birthday, Shitty Guy!, 2016 - The Brick, KC

A Transparent Christmas, 2015 - Maker Village, KC

California Dreaming, 2015 - Jori's House, KC

Shitty Guy Theatre, 2015 - Fritz's, KC

Shitty Guy Cabaret, 2015 - The Attic, KC