Written, directed, and performed
by Lindsey Griffith

This 50-minute solo performance uses absurd comedy to dissect generational trauma, family legends, obsession, and memory. 

Lindsey finds a cool rock and spirals into neurotic obsession. When she tries to solve the mystery of its allure, she sinks into the substance of the rock and her memories of texture, food, and family, coming head-to-head with a family mystery involving her mother, her mother’s mother, and her mother’s mother’s mother, who may be a horse. We climb back through generations of strange women to seek out the root of her family’s neuroses - with character comedy, projections, tap dancing, and googly eyes. 

Horse Closeup_edited.jpg

November 2018: Harrisburg Improv Theater,  PA
October 2018: High Fest, Yerevan, Armenia
August 2018: The Jam Handy, Detroit, MI
August 2018: Secret Series, Kansas City, KS
August 2018: The Drugstore, Kansas City, MO
August 2018: Void, Charleston, WV
July 2018: Capital Fringe Festival, Washington, D.C.
July 2018: The Glitterbox Theater, Pittsburgh, PA
July 2018: Buffalo Niagara Hostel, Buffalo, NY
June 2018: House Show, Hudson, NY
June 2018: AS220, Providence, RI
June 2018: The Glove, New York, NY
June 2018: House Show, Philadelphia, PA
May 2018: Towson University, Towson, MD


"At the core of this oddball performance is a grain of sadness, almost imperceptible amongst so many random comical elements, rooted in recognition of a flawed humanity not as the exception, but the norm."         -DC Metro Theater Arts

"She attacks these characters with a goofy likeability reminiscent of a millennial Julia Louis-Dreyfus.They’re all convincingly damaged, but sparkle with charm."

-DC Theatre Scene

"Hers is a sensibility comparable to Samuel Beckett’s weirdest plays and the sort of performance art you might encounter off-off-off Broadway."

- DC Metro Theater Arts

Lindsey Griffith performing in her solo peformance Horse People.

In the summer of 2018, I took Horse People on two self-produced tours across the United States.  I toured the show as a solo-performance double header, alongside Evan Moritz's Deep Time Network.