Lindsey Griffith is a playwright and performer.

Currently based in Buffalo, she was born and raised in Southern Kansas and incubated in the warm wet belly of Kansas City’s weird collaborative art community, where she lived and worked for 10 years.

Her practice ranges from large DIY productions and interactive art to solo performance, mixing elements of theatre and contemporary performance with sculptural props and costumes to tell stories that are absurd, funny, complex, and strange.

She loves to self-produce her plays and take them on tour in her station wagon, but she has also performed at venues and festivals such as Abrons Arts Center in NYC, Hardesty Art Center in Tulsa, SPACE 538 in Portland ME, TBA Festival in Portland OR, POP! Festival in Montreal, and High Fest in Yerevan, Armenia.

She holds a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing from Rockhurst University in Kansas City MO, and an MFA in Experimental Theater from Towson University in Baltimore MD.